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1600 Duetto 1750 Spider – Alfa Romeo Parts Available For Restoration

The Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto/1750 Spider is known to be one of the greatest series in the convertible cars. Its entire line-up ensured that there was nothing like it in the generation of convertibles. Car lovers back then considered themselves to be lucky to have a Duetto and the owners now would do anything to restore it and turn it charming like its original condition. Fortunately, the parts that were difficult to access earlier are not available easily. They are no longer elusive and people can now restore their old charms back.


Some of the parts of the 1600 Duetto/1750 Spider – Alfa Romeo that you can access on the internet:


You can easily find the:

  1. Bearings Guides
  2. Cowls
  3. Pistons & Liners
  4. Radiators
  5. Valves
  6. Water and oil pumps
  7. 105 Plastic fans
  8. 1300 engine parts
  9. 1600 engine parts
  10. 1750 engine parts
  11. 2000 engines parts
  12. 2000 TS engine parts

More than that you will find all the engine components. It might be tough to find the new ones for all the obvious reasons, but you will find the used ones in better condition. Be it the part for an overhaul, flywheel ring gears or the head removal tool, you will do not have to worry anymore. Any part that is required for cooling the fuel or heating the air is easily accessible on the online stores.

Service and Clutch:

When it comes to service parts or even the clutch ones   , you will find parts like:

  • Clutch Parts
  • Clutch cables
  • Early spring clutches
  • Later hydraulic clutches
  • Filters
  • Ignition components
  • Spark plugs

Gear Box:

Many people find it tough to find the right parts to fit in their 1600 Duetto/1750 Spider – Alfa Romeo. However, there are several sites that will offer you:

  • Sychro rings
  • Reverse gears
  • 2nd gears
  • Rubber boots
  • Seals
  • See Gearbox Mounts
  • Prop shaft and Rear Axle


  • Arms
  • Badge
  • Bushes
  • Ball joints
  • Dampers
  • Front suspension lower ball joints
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Idlers
  • Rods
  • Springs
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering parts rod
  • Pans with aluminum and rubber spacers

You will have to look for the authorized sellers who stock even the rarest of the parts. For instance, the red code rear springs that help the user with an improved ride will be available at the online dealer. Get all the suspension parts that you are looking for online.


They are the trickiest ones to get hold of. However, you will find quite few that replicate the original ones. If you are lucky, you will even find the original ones that are used. So, if you engage in good research you will find – Replica Momo Vega Alloy Wheels or the Body and Trim.

In the end, you will have to be extremely cautious about the source you choose to buy. Choosing the right one will ensure that you invested your money on rebuilding the convertible of your dreams!