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Convertible Cars: Handy Guide To Buy the best Convertibles

Appearance of a car is as important as its functionality and smooth running. The roof of the convertible cars can give them an impressive look. Such cars are a common sight in Britain. They keep the unpredictable weather from ruining the perfect day. However, it is essential for the roof to be strong enough to stay stable and pressed down even on the most twisted and bumpy roads of countryside.

History of Convertibles:

Renault Type B

The first automobile in the generation of convertibles was offered by Renault Type B. Previously they were only two-seater and functioned as sports car. These sporty, convertibles were known as the roadsters. However, with the increasing demand, there were modifications and upgrades. It is very common these days to find open-air sedan styled models.

Recent Convertibles:

Range Rover Evoque convertible 2012

Convertible cars these days are tagged among the luxury-range automobiles. However, there are many affordable models available in the marketplace. Depending on the rooftops, one can choose between the soft-top and the hard top. The soft-top convertibles are the ones known as spider, cabrio, cabriolet while the hard-top ones are said to be coupé convertibles, coupé cabriolets or retractable hard-tops.

How to decide on the right convertible for yourself?

mercedes cabriolet

The following guide will give you some of the key facts about convertibles to keep in mind so you can decide which model is right for you.


Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

As discussed earlier, convertibles come in varied sizes from two-seated roadsters to fully luxurious four-seaters. The specialty of the convertibles is that they aren’t usually comfy even if they are four-seater. Very rarely you can actually come across a convertible that can accommodate several adults comfortably. Usually the ones you look at would have ample room only for kids or pets. The cargo space is taken up by the roof since it retracts and folds down. So, when you are shopping for one, you should sit in and try the roof both in up and down position.

Roof Type:

Porsche Boxter Convertible

It goes without saying that the roof is the most essential part of a convertible. The soft-tops are the original standard. However, they are made of either vinyl or canvas covers, chances are that they are prone to damages. Considering the pressing need for change, the car manufacturers are coming up several alternations in the hard-tops. They feature automatic powered retractable roofs. So, as you lower the roof, it will break into either 2 or 3 pieces very elegantly. Ideally the hard-tops are durable and crime proof over the soft-tops. Additionally, they are easy to operate. Check y our budget and see if you can afford a hard-top convertible.

Engine Capacity:


Usually the mid-sized convertibles would have 4 and 6 cylinder engines. The more the cylinders the pricier will be the convertible cars. There are powerful engines like the V6 and V8. It is the luxury models that use such fancy engines. So, if you are willing to shed out some extra money, you can choose to buy yourself a luxurious convertible.

Fuel Capacity:

Fuel Capacity

If the convertible has 4 and 6 cylinders, it can offer a good combined mileage. When you look at the regular convertibles, they offer around 20-mpg range. However, majority of 8-cylinder convertibles would deliver less than 20 mpg. As a convertible lover, do your math and see what model will suit you the best.


Safety cars

It is mandatory for you to check for this feature first. With the numbers of accidents going up, manufacturers are coming up with several safety features. Apart from seat belts there is either fixed or pop-up roll bar. So, in case there is any rollover accident, the passengers in the convertible will be able to protect themselves. Make sure you check the convertible for safety accessories like mirrors, rear windows, parking sensors etc. Few luxurious automobiles come with airbags. The better the features that the convertibles have, the more you’ll have to pay.

Extra Features:

Convertible Extra Features

This section is a special checklist of the drivers. People with rich driving experience would want an automobile that comes with a bit of convenience perhaps luxury. The features can be anything from heated seats to automatic air control, keyless start-up to music systems. As the technology keeps updating, people keep looking for amazing upgrades in the automobiles. Several convertible manufacturers have started building in iPod interface, Bluetooth etc.


Convertible Cars Price

People often mistake by looking at the price first. Anything that is even slightly off their budget is taken down the list. However, if you want to be a smart buyer, you need to look at the features of the convertibles first. When you have the list, you can compare it with the price. Instead of looking at your budget, you should be looking at the features and check if you deserve the piece of beauty.

converible cars driving experience

Convertibles can give heavenly joy to the driver. They are known to offer pure, therapeutic experience to the people who drive them. There have been larger numbers of manufacturers entering the market and releasing interesting designs in convertibles. It’s about time that you think about the little adventure for yourself. Designed for pleasure along with the practicality, the retractable roofed are turning out to be dream cars for many people.

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  1. Roof type: OMG< it can be a such nightmare – I had a really bad experience in the past with a convertible saab cars which wasn't close properly and cost me more than the car to replace it 🙁 so make sure you are checking the roof before

  2. I had an hard top roof on my porsche 911 – 996, it was a good but I got all wet few times as I didn’t had it with me lol

  3. good point above but make sure you also check all internal, dashboard, and specially seats as they are really hard to find and replacing them with a non-original one will bring value of the convertible cars down – so seats + roof = main things to check alongside engine and chassis and all the rest lol – good luck to buy one 🙂

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