TB21 Alvis

Buying TB21 Alvis as Per the Specifications

Going by the current market trends, it is essential that all the ardent connoisseurs of classic convertible cars keep an eye on what’s selling fast. TB21-Alvis is one such roadster that has been doing the rounds lately. Manufactured by the Alvis Cars, this one was an open, 2-seater car. It was an improvised version of the TA 21 with a better running gear. It was produced around the 1950s and 1951. Alvis had signed up with AP Metalcraft to come up with an interesting design for the modified version of the gear. While the grille used in the TB 14 was taken care of, the doors and rear-hinged were also worked upon. Most importantly, the windscreen came up with an interesting option of being folded flat whenever needed.

TB21 Alvis

Features that you need to check in the TB21-Alvis while buying:

  • The engine was 2993 cc was slightly modified so that it can produce 90 bhp with just one SU carburettor that the saloon had. You will have to get into the engine details and see if the convertible is well kept.
  • The suspension of the TA 21 was retained and hence you should be looking out if the suspension of the roadster is in good condition. This might be a slightly trickier task and you should have an expert for your assistance to look into such matters.
  • You will have to check if the front coil springs and the leaf springs at its rear are in a decent condition. While you can research about these features and know how to check if they are good or not but if you still feel confused, you can have a mechanic or convertible expert’s advice.
  • TB21-Alvis was certainly much lighter than the TA 21. This improved its final drive ratio considerably. While the TA 21 had the driving ration of 4.09:1, the TB21 had 3.77:1. But, do not expect the same speed from it now.
  • This car was styled better than its competitor and contemporary racing cars. It came with a unique design that was modern in its period.
  • However, you need to be considerate when it comes to checking the parts as the convertible has seen several years. There might be some wears or damages due to usage or ill-maintenance. But, you need to see if you can cope with it and get them fixed.

Back then in the 50s, the TB21 helped its manufacturers tap on large profits with a simple change in speed. Apart from TB21’s chassis which was taken from the TA 21, it was a great looking sports car. However, it turned out to be a huge failure due to its expensive pricing. Which is why it could not outlast even one year of its manufacturing. If you manage to get your hands on this beauty, make sure you check on its condition and then go for the buy!

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