Austin Healey 100S

How A Dream Named Austin Healey 100S

One will be mesmerized to know the tale of Donald Healey’s motor company which was established just after the World War II. A team of insanely talented and dedicated people formed a group to come up with interesting convertible cars. While the economy struggled to come to stability, Healey’s vision helped him come up with an automobile company. It was in 1952 when he decided to collaborate with Austin and assemble the Austin Healey 100S. There were only 50 of such cars produced with the first chassis in them.

Austin Healey 100S

Making this convertible was severely well-thought and execution was undertaken with perfection by Healey. Here is the inspirational story behind the 100S:

[I] Conception:

It is believed that Healey never wished to create the 100S for tapping in the profits. His aim was to build a superior image for the marque and place it on the race tracks across the globe. Even though the Austin Healey 100S appeared to be similar to the standard 100 convertibles, it came with scores of modifications.

[II] Modifications:

  1. Body Weight:

With Healey’s vision to bring 100S on the racing track, he worked on the weight of this convertible. It is the weight of the car that determines its performance on the track. Hence, he worked on keeping the all-alloy body of the roadster simple and light. In fact, he built the substructure of the car with alloy.

  1. Look:

In the further attempt to keep the weight in check, Healey shed the bumpers of Austin Healey 100S. The large windscreen made of glass was given up too. There were some side curtains on the top, which were pulled out to give a serious look to this racing convertible. This way Healey developed around1876 pound convertible for racing.

  1. Engine:

It was not just the body that was worked upon but also the engine. Since the dream was to put 100S Austin in the top racing cars, the engine was made powerful. The brake horsepower was raised from 90 to 132. A specially modified aluminum Weslake cylinder head was installed so that the exhaust and the intake would be smooth.

  1. Brakes:

The most interesting change that this convertible car witnessed were the brakes. The famous Dunlop hydraulic disc brakes which were in the four corners were considered to be unnecessary. Hence, Healey and Dunlop arranged for an original design. The new brakes pumped up the engine to make it the best among the racing convertibles.

All the modifications certainly placed the car amongst the best during its racing history. It was the large carburetor, high-lift camshaft and the compression pistons that gave the big power to this convertible. There are ample car connoisseurs, who have to try to rebuild their version of this car. While there are proud owners, who are auction the original classic. Though you may not find all the features in this classic, it will certainly stand out to be a stunning piece you could ever own.

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