Austin Healey 100/6

Bring Home the Austin Healey 100/6

The legend of 100/6 – Austin – Healey started with a bunch of 6-cylinder convertible cars built by the staff in Warwick. This iconic roadster came with a charismatic body and a super powerful engine. Hence, it was often teased with a pet name ‘Handsome Brute’. Only a true convertible enthusiast would know that this car wasn’t cut out for everyone.

Austin Healey 100/6

While the Jaguar and the MG were rapid in their production and shipping the sports cars to the United States, Austin Healey looked at it as an opportunity to introduce the beautiful 100-6. This beautiful roadster could hit 100 miles per hour. Even though it started humble as a rugged roadster, the Austin – Healey was upgraded to the luxurious convertible – 3000.

Brash and Bold Inside:

Built with the reinforced chassis that was borrowed from the Austin – 100 S, it was prepared for the race. While some charm was added to the already interesting looking roadster, its British sporting character was well-retained. In the year 1959, 100-6 was installed with the 26D engine that made a brash exhaust sound. It surely did great and managed the second spot in the race but won the hearts of the racing car enthusiasts.

Different from 100S:

Many people these days who are taking a keen interest in the vintage cars and classic roadsters, often confuse between the Austin – Healey 100S and the Austin Healey 100/6. However, both are distinctly different. With slightly under performance and 2 + 2 seaters, it was viewed to be a disappointment. It was the 6-port engine that gave the car a tremendous boost.

100/6 – Austin – Healey Upgrade:

Soon, it was decided to bring in some serious changes in the 100/6. A strict 2-seater was confirmed for this convertible. This helped the manufacturer to cut down the prices significantly. All the roadster lovers who could only dream about owning one were now able to buy one.

Charming Exterior:

The dashboard of the Austin Healey 100/6 came with a vinyl coating and chrome trimmed oval panel. Even the simplest twist in the switchgear gave this roadster a perfect look that made the driver take pride in every ride. There were changes in the design, but it certainly made up with its new look and an excellent engine performance.

This beautiful roadster had cleaner lines and original design that makes it favorite amongst most of the car enthusiasts. What lies ahead is the opportunity to buy it in this era. The internet is flooded with restoration experts who maintained and gave back this convertible its original charm. You might find few upgrades to match the current roads. But, do not hesitate to try your hand given an opportunity. Long back this convertible was designed to give the best of the roadster experience to people with a strict budget. This element continues in this generation too and possibly you might stumble upon this classic which you can actually afford.

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