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Story of the Giulia Spider

Alfa Romeo’s small venture into the automobile industry began with the roadster Alfa Romeo Spider. It became so popular that this model stayed in the industry for almost 3 decades. Known for its Spider design, it aimed to be a concept car.


The first Spider was launched in the March 1966, in the Geneva Motor Show. The history behind the naming of the car is interesting. Alfa Romeo organized a competition for people to come up with the names for which the prize was the car. Duetto meaning Duet, suggested by Guidobaldo Trionfi won this competition. However, the name was not adopted because of the trademark issues. Hence, it was simply named Alfa Romeo Spider.

Giulia Spider-ALFA ROMEO and its variants:

alfa romeo giulia spider

This model is popular for its rust free body. It enjoyed immense success with its 750/101 Series which were more of the Coupes and Sedans. However, at the beginning the firm lacked the precise ambition in coming up with gorgeous designs with the mechanism of a sporty cars. Along with that it did not know how to keep the prices down of the car.

Cars for All:

alfa spider convertible

The major problem that the manufacturers witnessed further was post to the World War II. Keeping these exotic sports cars afloat was becoming increasingly impossible. This is when Alfa Romeo decided to build high quality saloon and sports cars for the masses. These cars were not luxury for the middle class workers. They were full of the sporting spirit with a package that every hardworking employee can afford.


105 Series:

Following the same design, the 105 Series was launched in 1963.

105 Series

These cars came with beautifully designed body with boxy and upright structure. Moreover, it was highly appreciated as it was aerodynamic and efficient. So, the coupe rode had detailed Bertone coachwork on it. What was the real joy in all the models were the by Alfa Romeo’s powered twin-cam, light-alloy four-cylinder engines. They ranged around 1290cc to 1962cc.

Not-so-popular Convertible:


Not many people are aware about the lesser known convertible. It was built on the similar lines of Bertone Coupe and featured a fully folding top with seating for 4 passengers. The Giulia GTC on the other hand was on the similar lines of Bertone. There was extensive reinforcement on its rockers floors as well as the trunk so that they become more stable and sturdy. So, if you carefully research about convertibles by Alfa Romeo around 1964 to 1966, you will find rare and interesting versions of 105-series.

When one talks about sporty convertibles with power, twin cam, 4-cylinder, 1600cc and fantastic 5-speed gearbox, he would not forget to mention Romeo’s convertibles. A car that was no less than a legend. Amazing exteriors, intelligent interiors and timely restorations as per the need is what made Romeo and his collection most loved.

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