AC COBRA MK IV: The stunning convertible with style and power

Cobra MKIV AC is considered to be one of the best sports cars and was later modified into a convertible. It had a muscular built that made it a legendary among the convertible cars. This was among those sports cars which was successful in winning hearts of many sports enthusiasts. Between 1962 and1967 there were around 1000 different types of Cobras built.

Who did it?


Carroll Shelby was called a legend when he adopted the Ford motor to accommodate the small AC chassis. Somewhere around 60s, Cobra was able to perform with its massive American horsepower. Interestingly, the model had this charming and alluring European body. Various sports car critics and aficionados deemed it as the ‘ultimate’ car and till date it remains to be so.


Sadly in the 70’s, Cobra MKIV-AC had stopped offering servicing facilities. It was because their major mechanic had quit. Soon Brian Angliss stepped into his shoes and filled in the tall order. He formed a larger customer base and developed a better reputation for this model. Angliss contributed greatly in building the Ace and Cobra bodies.

The original MKIV-AC is lightweight and one of the 12 genuinely hand built cars. The aluminium body had started leaving a lasting impact on all the people who eagerly awaited the entries of the new cars in the convertibles family from sporting background.

Are there any restored Cobra MKIV-AC?


Indeed there are and several convertibles are up for grabs. One such restored MKIV is 1993 AC. It has ‘Nut and Bolt’ body with rolling chassis. The project of restoration for this model was taken up by AC specialists from UK. Every detail from the period color to riveted bonnet and flat dashboard was given importance during the restoration.

Another restored Cobra was the 1987 AC and it was sold at £61,600. It had exceedingly menacing looks, chrome bumpers, tobacco interiors, and extremely well built and quality engine. This was the model that spoke power with comfort. One did not see much of these models in Europe. Known for its ease and reliability, you would be looking out for this one .

Which one should you buy?


You probably know the fact that classic cars are tough to get hold of and pretty expensive. It totally depends on the amount of money you are willing to spend. Vast majority of 1003 Cobras were built and sold in America alone.

Prices tend to fluctuate and keep rising due to the rarity and overall demand in the market. The suppliers and car critics predict that it would be rarest of the rare opportunity when you would find the Cobra MKIV-AC sold at a cheaper price.

AC Cobra mkiv interior

As a buyer, you should be keen on buying only the original masterpiece. You might come across hoax and fraudsters. It would be genuinely tough to trick any car lover, but there are some geniuses who are extremely good in replicating. Be alert and see that even if you buy kit based or replica Cobra, you pay its due value and not that of the classic beauty. Check for the performance and specs, model history, and price before you jump into the offer.

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