The Magic of 2 Liter DHC/Buckland AC Convertible!

Every man is sentimentally attached to his first car and all the more if it is a 2-liter DH-Buckland AC convertible. These convertible cars were like a landmark in the journey of any man from boyhood to manhood. Buckland AC 2-liter was no ordinary car but a special one like the first kiss. It was around the 30’s that AC cars gained a good reputation and success in the market. People loved especially the ones from the sporting background. This how the idea for the Buckland sparked!

First launch:

2-liter DH-Buckland AC convertible

The first convertible of its kind was launched around the 1947. Entire styling of this model was modern especially the design. But it had a beautiful and traditionally charming constructed saloon or the drophead coachwork. This gave the Buckland AC a character that every man identified with.

The Inside Job:


When one looks at the engine, he will find a pure mechanical genius. There was no confusion as to what the maker was looking out for. It came with a strikingly simple yet modern design as the exterior with a straight forward six engine 1991cc its interior. Ever since the Buckland – AC 2 liter became famous, there on there were several models with slight variations were released.

The Variations:

2-liter DH-Buckland AC


There were several changes made in the model to accommodate the tastes and requirements of the public. For instance in the 1950, the model that was launched replaced the Girling lever-arm rear dampers with the tubular units. For this the manufacturer had to add a sub-frame so that the lever arm could be easily mounted.



If you Google the images for the Buckland AC 2-Liter model 1952, you might think of it as an old time farm drive. But don’t be fooled, it is just pretty on the roads as the old classics by David Bowie. The luxurious seating and plush exterior with 4-door saloons were a major hit back then. Amongst all the models by Buckland the drophead coupes were the best.


These coupes came geared with an aluminum-paneled body which rested on the wood frame. Such intricate arrangements were made to fit the conventional steel chassis along with its rigid axle. You will find that this was indeed a one of a kind model with semi-elliptic leaf springs on an AC car.


There were gradual changes in its long 10 year production but they were amazing and well received. Right from the hybrid braking system at the front with a cable at its rear to the wheel size, only the ones who bought and drove it felt the slight variations. You would be surprised to know that in the span of 10 years around 84 cars were built. The real magic and the driving force of these cars was its engine. All of these Buckland-AC 2-Liter models could outlive only because of their engine!

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