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From Golf Cabriolet – Volkswagen 1979 till date!

The first generation Golf CabrioletVolkswagen was first introduced in the year 1979. It took some time to launch the second generation. Top up or top down, you can never get enough of the irresistible convertibles.

Golf Cabriolet - Volkswagen 1979

One look at the classic Volkswagen Cabriolet and you will begin to feel great about it.


Golf Cabriolet - Volkswagen 1979 interior

What makes the Cabriolet by Volkswagen different from the other convertibles is its leather trimmed interiors. A person who steps into the Cabriolet would know what luxury actually is. Every detail in this convertible cars series is given utmost importance. Right from the smartly designed switch-gear to soft tactile surfaces and those beautiful cold metal garnishes. When you find all these in a car, you know you are definitely in a Cabriolet.

Drive and attend emergency calls hands free as the convertible Golf Cabriolet – Volkswagen comes with the Bluetooth connectivity. Talking someone special on a date? Enjoy the ride with drinks as the car has those drink holder nooks. The cabin is designed to make your every travel a memorable one. Be it a regular commute to your office or a romantic getaway, it has all the facilities built specially keeping comfort in mind.


Golf Cabriolet - Volkswagen 1979 roof

The Golf Cabriolet third generation is an intelligently designed convertible that comes with automatic and quick folding roof. What makes it extraordinary is its sports tuned suspension. This convertible comes with the daytime driving lights. Fancy that? Furthermore, it has 17-inch alloys. It comes with an automatic headlights and dimming rear-view mirror.

If you feel that this is it, then there is more coming your way. The wipers of the Golf Cabriolet – Volkswagen has rain sensing wipers. So, if you are driving this masterpiece in a zone where dual climate is prominent, you will not have to keep adjusting the wipers. The steering wheel is absolutely smooth and will make you feel in absolute control.


classic golf convertible engine

The third generation Volkswagen golf Cabriolet has 6 speed manual transmission. It comes with a supercharger that offers quick and full throttle response. Reminds of fast and furious isn’t it? This little priced possession of yours will not have any turbo lag as it has the supercharger mechanism.

The Roof:

Golf Cabriolet - Volkswagen 1979 roof

Of course when we are talking about the convertible, how can we miss talking about the roof? The moment you choose deploy, you will feel warm and snuggly in the quiet and cozy interiors. Its super grade material ensures that the wind or any noise doesn’t barge in the interiors. No matter at what speed you drive your Golf Cabriolet, the interiors will not be disturbed.

When it comes to folding, the double skinned soft top is automatic and electronic. So, when you decide to fold it and catch up with the wind, you can do so in just 9 seconds. Interestingly, it cascades in a neat manner so that there is no awkward bulge. It forms a deck that is flat and spread neatly behind the car’s rear seats.

Go ahead and book your third generation Volkswagen to know what it means to drive in style!