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Buying Guide For Used Chimaera – TVR Convertible!

The news of used Chimaera on sale is doing rounds. You will certainly be tempted to grab this opportunity and get one for yourself. However, when it comes to buying one of these convertible cars one needs to follow only 3 golden rules. They will work like magic to get you this roadster in the best condition at the best price.


  1. No Love At First Sight:

It is hard not to fall for the Chimaera – TVR but, you need to be rational when it comes to buying the roadster. One needs to take one good look at the convertible thoroughly before you actually pay for it. Try logging in at the dealer’s page and get as much information as you can about the car. Look at the variations if any. Check for the engines and its alternatives. See if it has been remodeled by its user or dealer at any point in the user history. Only then you will know if you are getting hold of the right model or not.

  1. Read the Buyer’s Guide:

You will find ample buying guide on the Chimaera – TVR. It is like the Holy Bible that will give you all the information that you seek about the car.

  1. So, when you begin your search, start with the ‘Chassis’. It is this part of the automobile that is vulnerable to rusting. Hence, you need to check for the signs of wear and tear.
  2. Then you can move to check the engine. Start the engine and go for a little ride. Once the engine is warm enough, shut it down to check if its cooling system is in good condition.
  3. It would be pointless to buy a plain looking convertible that has not been maintained. Hence, you will have to be specific about its bodywork. See that the roadster Chimaera does not have any fiber glass. All you need to specifically check is for signs of damage.
  4. Check the steering and suspension. See if the springs and dampers are in working condition by pushing them down in each corner. The rider should not find it tough to bring the car back in its position when it is in movement.
  5. There are other comprehensive parts that every Chimaera – TVR lover would love to check before buying. For instance, the little details like the windows, locks, wipers, lights and indicators etc. 
  1. Paperwork:

Every buyer of any automobile, be it used or new has to demand the paperwork. There are several reasons why the documents are important. Firstly, you get to know if it is authentic or not. Secondly, you would get an exact idea about the users and how many times it has been sold. And lastly, if you are applying for the loan, you would need the documents against which you will be approved for the same. Additionally, the papers would update you about the most crucial fact whether the roadster was well-serviced or not. Check for the stamps by the dealers.

Follow these 3 simple guidelines and you will be happy driving your favorite convertible.