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How Much Do You Know About The TT Roadster MK1-AUDI?

When it comes to impressing the car fanatics with any car design, the easiest way out is by presenting them a retro. While some people are trying fancy tricks on making any old automobile look new and call classic, there are some real enthusiasts who are actually investing and rebuilding convertible cars like TT Roadster MK1-AUDI. It takes enormous efforts to bring back the charm and put the classic on the road.

TT Roadster MK1-AUDI

If you are new on this block, then you would probably take some time to adjust to the fact that convertibles actually are gearing up. There are people who often neglect the charm of TT Roadster and there will always be someone who would track its every detail. For the newbies, here are some interesting facts of this timeless beauty.

The Makers and Inspiration:

The dream team of Freeman Thomas, J Mays, and Peter Schreyer who came up with the Volkswagen New Beetle were the actual brains behind the TT Roadster MK1-AUDI. The team was heavily influenced by a German design school – Bauhaus. This inspired them to design a simple and clean geometric look for the roadster. Since the design was a major hit, it was later on put to use for coming generations of Audis.

The Mystery Name:

There are several theories as to what could the TT in the TT Roadster stands for. While some suggest that comes from the famous ‘Tourist Trophy’ motorcycle race that the NSU which was Audi’s predecessor used to run, others hold it to be an acronym for ‘Technology & Tradition’. There is no comment available from its makers as to believe which one of these can be held true.

The TT Design:

Launched in the late 1900s, the TT Roadster was always known for its look. Had it been launched in this era; it would have certainly beaten all its contemporary. Certainly, it would have been slightly bigger with airbags as a safety feature, yet it would have nailed the perfect look that any car lover desires in an ideal car. Initially, it was a fully covered car, however, following its popularity, a convertible version came in the following year.

The TT Make Up:

The engine of the TT Roadster MK1-AUDI was humble than its counterparts but, it rode along with the Volkswagen Golf as well as the Audi A3 of its time. It was fitted with a .8-liter turbo four that gave it a tremendous of 180 horsepower. Distributing the power to the front wheels as well as Quattro all-wheel drive, this car made a lot of noise for its speed. Its interiors had an eye-catching design and were praised for its aluminum, stainless steel, and leather, combination.

There were constant talks amongst the sports cars lovers and connoisseurs about the TT Roadster being a fun to drive roadster.

The Replacements:

The first TT Roadster was replaced in the year 2006. Though it came with an amazing engine, it lacked the enchanting look of its classic predecessor. The Audi TT RS 2012 boasts about ludicrous power and astounding grip but it is the aesthetics inspired from the TT RS that makes it the future in the classic convertibles.

From Old To New Fiat 124 Rally Spider – Abarth

Wondering which roadster among the convertible cars can you pick up for yourself? People these days are often comparing between the Mazda MX-5 Miata and its counterpart the Fiat 124 Rally Spider.  Tuned by an Italian automaker, it stands out to be a spectacular demonstration of how perfection in performance manifests with great vision amongst the convertible cars.


Specs for the European Model:


Inspired from the famous Fiat Model, this Abarth version actually takes a lot from Mazda. The version which comes with a Scorpion emblem has a lot of upgrades in terms of performance. However, it attempts to load the old look by stripping around 100 pounds so that it comes out feathery.


You will come across a 1.4-litre turbo four under its hood. It produces an 184-pound feet torque. Abarth offers a prodigious 170 horsepower. You get to choose between an automatic transmission and a 6-speed manual. The suspension is hardened and it can be adjusted in four ways. However, when it comes to its performance and other components, you will not find much of a difference.


Fiat 124 Rally Spider comes with an electrically assisted steering. It has a proper mechanical limited-slip as compared to the open rear diff assists it to distribute the torque application in the corners. Also, there is a sports button. It has a smaller diameter with better grip as compared to the other convertibles. The delightful story of the Fiat 124 Rally Spider doesn’t end here. The engineer decided to offer an interesting appearance to it.

The Look:

The vents are larger; there is a full aero kit, a black hood so that the glare could be easily curbed. It comes with a bootlid replicated in a matt texture that gives this convertible a smarter and professional look. With 17-inch alloys, short gear lever and aluminum pedals, you will be simply amazed at the look of this car in totality.

Modern Appeal:

There is a lot of sense and vision in engineering this convertible. It carries the sporty cabin of the original 124 Spider but is available in different colors. There are leather seats for ergonomic seating and a plush look on the inside. Metal pedals beneath the dashboard simply accentuate the look of this wonder named Fiat 124 Rally Spider.

All in all, the Fiat 124 Rally Spider, is Fiat’s efforts to take on the retro effect. In the 196’s the original 124 Spider did really enjoy a wide success.

Fiat 124 Rally Spider Abarth

It lasted for almost a decade with its loyal followers and fans. Taking a cue from its styling, the Abarth does a pretty good job in restructuring the old model to fit into the new generation.