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Buying Guide For Used Chimaera – TVR Convertible!

The news of used Chimaera on sale is doing rounds. You will certainly be tempted to grab this opportunity and get one for yourself. However, when it comes to buying one of these convertible cars one needs to follow only 3 golden rules. They will work like magic to get you this roadster in the best condition at the best price.


  1. No Love At First Sight:

It is hard not to fall for the Chimaera – TVR but, you need to be rational when it comes to buying the roadster. One needs to take one good look at the convertible thoroughly before you actually pay for it. Try logging in at the dealer’s page and get as much information as you can about the car. Look at the variations if any. Check for the engines and its alternatives. See if it has been remodeled by its user or dealer at any point in the user history. Only then you will know if you are getting hold of the right model or not.

  1. Read the Buyer’s Guide:

You will find ample buying guide on the Chimaera – TVR. It is like the Holy Bible that will give you all the information that you seek about the car.

  1. So, when you begin your search, start with the ‘Chassis’. It is this part of the automobile that is vulnerable to rusting. Hence, you need to check for the signs of wear and tear.
  2. Then you can move to check the engine. Start the engine and go for a little ride. Once the engine is warm enough, shut it down to check if its cooling system is in good condition.
  3. It would be pointless to buy a plain looking convertible that has not been maintained. Hence, you will have to be specific about its bodywork. See that the roadster Chimaera does not have any fiber glass. All you need to specifically check is for signs of damage.
  4. Check the steering and suspension. See if the springs and dampers are in working condition by pushing them down in each corner. The rider should not find it tough to bring the car back in its position when it is in movement.
  5. There are other comprehensive parts that every Chimaera – TVR lover would love to check before buying. For instance, the little details like the windows, locks, wipers, lights and indicators etc. 
  1. Paperwork:

Every buyer of any automobile, be it used or new has to demand the paperwork. There are several reasons why the documents are important. Firstly, you get to know if it is authentic or not. Secondly, you would get an exact idea about the users and how many times it has been sold. And lastly, if you are applying for the loan, you would need the documents against which you will be approved for the same. Additionally, the papers would update you about the most crucial fact whether the roadster was well-serviced or not. Check for the stamps by the dealers.

Follow these 3 simple guidelines and you will be happy driving your favorite convertible.

Bring Home the Austin Healey 100/6

The legend of 100/6 – Austin – Healey started with a bunch of 6-cylinder convertible cars built by the staff in Warwick. This iconic roadster came with a charismatic body and a super powerful engine. Hence, it was often teased with a pet name ‘Handsome Brute’. Only a true convertible enthusiast would know that this car wasn’t cut out for everyone.

Austin Healey 100/6

While the Jaguar and the MG were rapid in their production and shipping the sports cars to the United States, Austin Healey looked at it as an opportunity to introduce the beautiful 100-6. This beautiful roadster could hit 100 miles per hour. Even though it started humble as a rugged roadster, the Austin – Healey was upgraded to the luxurious convertible – 3000.

Brash and Bold Inside:

Built with the reinforced chassis that was borrowed from the Austin – 100 S, it was prepared for the race. While some charm was added to the already interesting looking roadster, its British sporting character was well-retained. In the year 1959, 100-6 was installed with the 26D engine that made a brash exhaust sound. It surely did great and managed the second spot in the race but won the hearts of the racing car enthusiasts.

Different from 100S:

Many people these days who are taking a keen interest in the vintage cars and classic roadsters, often confuse between the Austin – Healey 100S and the Austin Healey 100/6. However, both are distinctly different. With slightly under performance and 2 + 2 seaters, it was viewed to be a disappointment. It was the 6-port engine that gave the car a tremendous boost.

100/6 – Austin – Healey Upgrade:

Soon, it was decided to bring in some serious changes in the 100/6. A strict 2-seater was confirmed for this convertible. This helped the manufacturer to cut down the prices significantly. All the roadster lovers who could only dream about owning one were now able to buy one.

Charming Exterior:

The dashboard of the Austin Healey 100/6 came with a vinyl coating and chrome trimmed oval panel. Even the simplest twist in the switchgear gave this roadster a perfect look that made the driver take pride in every ride. There were changes in the design, but it certainly made up with its new look and an excellent engine performance.

This beautiful roadster had cleaner lines and original design that makes it favorite amongst most of the car enthusiasts. What lies ahead is the opportunity to buy it in this era. The internet is flooded with restoration experts who maintained and gave back this convertible its original charm. You might find few upgrades to match the current roads. But, do not hesitate to try your hand given an opportunity. Long back this convertible was designed to give the best of the roadster experience to people with a strict budget. This element continues in this generation too and possibly you might stumble upon this classic which you can actually afford.

How A Dream Named Austin Healey 100S

One will be mesmerized to know the tale of Donald Healey’s motor company which was established just after the World War II. A team of insanely talented and dedicated people formed a group to come up with interesting convertible cars. While the economy struggled to come to stability, Healey’s vision helped him come up with an automobile company. It was in 1952 when he decided to collaborate with Austin and assemble the Austin Healey 100S. There were only 50 of such cars produced with the first chassis in them.

Austin Healey 100S

Making this convertible was severely well-thought and execution was undertaken with perfection by Healey. Here is the inspirational story behind the 100S:

[I] Conception:

It is believed that Healey never wished to create the 100S for tapping in the profits. His aim was to build a superior image for the marque and place it on the race tracks across the globe. Even though the Austin Healey 100S appeared to be similar to the standard 100 convertibles, it came with scores of modifications.

[II] Modifications:

  1. Body Weight:

With Healey’s vision to bring 100S on the racing track, he worked on the weight of this convertible. It is the weight of the car that determines its performance on the track. Hence, he worked on keeping the all-alloy body of the roadster simple and light. In fact, he built the substructure of the car with alloy.

  1. Look:

In the further attempt to keep the weight in check, Healey shed the bumpers of Austin Healey 100S. The large windscreen made of glass was given up too. There were some side curtains on the top, which were pulled out to give a serious look to this racing convertible. This way Healey developed around1876 pound convertible for racing.

  1. Engine:

It was not just the body that was worked upon but also the engine. Since the dream was to put 100S Austin in the top racing cars, the engine was made powerful. The brake horsepower was raised from 90 to 132. A specially modified aluminum Weslake cylinder head was installed so that the exhaust and the intake would be smooth.

  1. Brakes:

The most interesting change that this convertible car witnessed were the brakes. The famous Dunlop hydraulic disc brakes which were in the four corners were considered to be unnecessary. Hence, Healey and Dunlop arranged for an original design. The new brakes pumped up the engine to make it the best among the racing convertibles.

All the modifications certainly placed the car amongst the best during its racing history. It was the large carburetor, high-lift camshaft and the compression pistons that gave the big power to this convertible. There are ample car connoisseurs, who have to try to rebuild their version of this car. While there are proud owners, who are auction the original classic. Though you may not find all the features in this classic, it will certainly stand out to be a stunning piece you could ever own.

The Dream Behind Austin-Healey 100:100M

It was around the 50’s that Donald Healey noticed that there is a huge market for fast but cheap sports car. People wanted something that is better than the MG but certainly cheaper than the Jaguar. This is when he took up the project of building a roadster that will fit in the convertible cars section. Initially, it appeared to be an ambitious plan to come up with an Austin-Healey 100 that would not just look good but also go up to 100mph.


  • How the Engine Evolved:

Healey creatively utilized the existing components in his and sought permission from the Austin Motor Company for using the engine and transmission of their model – A90 Sedan. He also used the suspension and the drivetrain assemblies, while assembling his new car. In simpler words, he used all his genius in crafting a convertible that every car lover would praise.

  • How the Body was Designed:

While the engine was taken care of, he needed someone who could work on the looks of Austin-Healey 100:100M. He approached body designer Gerry Coker, who was famous for his Nash-Healey. And, the challenging task of designing a car around the available parts was entrusted on Coker. Being a fan of Italian design, Coker came up with an elegant two-seater roadster.

  • Beginning with a Prototype:

Coker built a prototype with tailfins. Interestingly, its rear end was treated differently by working on the rear fenders. Healey did not believe in intruding the artistic work that Coker engaged in. But, he did suggest Coker that he should brighten up the slab sides that the car had. With a character line from the front fender to its rear wheel, he made the car look longer and lower.

  • Improvements in the Prototype:

Coker wanted to position the air vent in the AUSTIN-HEALEY model on its front fender. For inspiration, he looked at the clip of the Parker fountain pen and came up with a sharp design for the vent. It acted like a cut-off line so that the roadster can be painted in two tones.

  • The Debut:

The Austin-Healey-100:100M made a grand debut in 1952, at the Earl’s Court Motor Show. It was priced £850 back then. Since Healey alone could manage to build only 20 cars a week, Austin Motor Company’s head approached him with a proposal. He suggested that Healey should let Austin take over the production as the company and can manage to build 200 per week. Healey agreed to the proposal and the roadster was then available to the buyers at £750.

  • The Review:

The automobile magazines pounced at the opportunity to drive the latest Austin-Healey convertible. The majority of them praised and reviewed positively. It was rated one of the 100 best all-rounder cars. The only suggestion was to work on the distinct sounds that came out of the exhaust.

The suggestions were looked upon genuinely and that gave rise to the next generation models. With a humble dream to build 100 cars, Healey along with Austin Motor Company came up with 3000 cars. The 100 in the Austin-Healey-100:100M now stands for the speed that Healey was determined on nailing it perfectly.

Here’s How to Buy the Classic Roadster: A40 Sports-Austin!

In the wake of the WWII, the British motor industry came up with products that were well-known for being customized. This included convertible cars which were at the forefront to great extent. Dressed in aluminum bodywork, the A40 Sports-Austin made its debut in 1949 at the London Motor Show. Designed and manufactured in collaboration with Jensen Motors, it was classy take on the sporty Austin-A40. This four-seater roadster was mounted on the Devon chassis. Its owners could relish the exotic looks as it came without any mechanical complexity.

A40 Sports Austin

Since it was released during the World War, this convertible was light in the financially strained times. However, the times have changed and car connoisseurs are grabbing opportunities buying the vintage cars. Here is how you can spot the authentic one and own it:


There is a lot of planning involved when you decide to invest in a classic car. The first thing to consider is whether you will want to rebuild the antique automobile and have your take on it? If not, then would you want to buy a roadster that is restored. Only when you have settled down on this one, you will be able to decide on several other things like budget if you have to restore it, maintenance and servicing etc. As a car owner, you will have to foresee such elements much in advance to avoid any damage to the car.


Any automobile that you buy has to be insured at any cost. And, when it comes to the A40 Sports-Austin, you will have to look up for a specific insurance. For this, you will have to speak to your insurance agents and get the specific details. Find out if this car is eligible for the kind of insurance, you might want to know the different terms before applying for any.

Car Loans:

It is quite possible that you have been saving all your life to own your dream car while others can just sign a check. However, with a range of automobile loans, all you need to do is apply for one. But, you need to check for all the formalities. It is essential that you have a great credit score so that you stand a better chance of getting the loan approved. Additionally, you will have to check if the documents of the car are in place for a loan application. Only when all the paperwork is set, you will be able to apply for a loan

Car Care and Professional Servicing:

Finding a good professional service center is by far an essential element that many regular car owners neglect. You need to look out for the car service stations that perform maintenance and servicing of such automobiles. There have been cases where the fraud servicing professionals have pulled out the original engine parts without the car owners noticing it. Hence, you have to be very cautious in choosing a right center for your car care.

Following the guidelines will make the process of buying the classic A40 Sports-Austin roadster a slightly easier.

Buying TB21 Alvis as Per the Specifications

Going by the current market trends, it is essential that all the ardent connoisseurs of classic convertible cars keep an eye on what’s selling fast. TB21-Alvis is one such roadster that has been doing the rounds lately. Manufactured by the Alvis Cars, this one was an open, 2-seater car. It was an improvised version of the TA 21 with a better running gear. It was produced around the 1950s and 1951. Alvis had signed up with AP Metalcraft to come up with an interesting design for the modified version of the gear. While the grille used in the TB 14 was taken care of, the doors and rear-hinged were also worked upon. Most importantly, the windscreen came up with an interesting option of being folded flat whenever needed.

TB21 Alvis

Features that you need to check in the TB21-Alvis while buying:

  • The engine was 2993 cc was slightly modified so that it can produce 90 bhp with just one SU carburettor that the saloon had. You will have to get into the engine details and see if the convertible is well kept.
  • The suspension of the TA 21 was retained and hence you should be looking out if the suspension of the roadster is in good condition. This might be a slightly trickier task and you should have an expert for your assistance to look into such matters.
  • You will have to check if the front coil springs and the leaf springs at its rear are in a decent condition. While you can research about these features and know how to check if they are good or not but if you still feel confused, you can have a mechanic or convertible expert’s advice.
  • TB21-Alvis was certainly much lighter than the TA 21. This improved its final drive ratio considerably. While the TA 21 had the driving ration of 4.09:1, the TB21 had 3.77:1. But, do not expect the same speed from it now.
  • This car was styled better than its competitor and contemporary racing cars. It came with a unique design that was modern in its period.
  • However, you need to be considerate when it comes to checking the parts as the convertible has seen several years. There might be some wears or damages due to usage or ill-maintenance. But, you need to see if you can cope with it and get them fixed.

Back then in the 50s, the TB21 helped its manufacturers tap on large profits with a simple change in speed. Apart from TB21’s chassis which was taken from the TA 21, it was a great looking sports car. However, it turned out to be a huge failure due to its expensive pricing. Which is why it could not outlast even one year of its manufacturing. If you manage to get your hands on this beauty, make sure you check on its condition and then go for the buy!

Guide for the enthusiasts to buy Alvis TA21/TC21 DHC

It is very rare that you would come across Alvis TA21/TC21 DHC but it is not impossible. One among the coveted convertible cars, the TA21 or the TC21 DHC series were known for the modest structure. They came with refreshing front and the rear. The greatest change that these cars witnessed were the 2993cc-6-cylinder ohv engine. Additionally, there was an independent front suspension. While Mulliner worked on the coaches of the convertibles, Tickford built the Drophead Coupe. Many people confuse the TA21 and TC21 to be two different models but, the latter is the revised version of the TA21. It had modernized body and better power.

Now the question remains, how to get hold of the Alvis TA21/TC21 DHC?

Well, thanks to the technology, buying anything is just a click away. You will definitely find these convertibles through various sources like:

 Alvis TA21/TC21 DHC

Classified AD Sites:

You will find ample advertisements posted by the car owners and dealers willing to sell the Alvis TA21/TC21 DHC. It is important that you pick the ones that have set a reputation. Go for the sites that give detailed information about the convertible that you are planning to buy. Right from the name and contact information of the dealer to the condition of the car. Keep in mind that the roadsters especially the classic ones are not cheap. Anyone trying to sell you off otherwise must be a hoax.

Blog Discussions:

Like any convertible car lover, you can join the blogging sites that engage in discussions over the cars. On such sites, you will come across different sources that sell the TA21 or the TC21 cars. Additionally, you will also get to know about the different features that you should specifically check while buying one. Right from the pricing of the car to the colour and condition, you can get any information on the classic convertible by simply pitching in the question.

Sales and Exhibitions:

Keep yourself posted with the updates on the sales and exhibitions about TA21 and the TC21 convertibles. Do visit them once and participate in the auctions. This will give you a rough idea of buying the convertibles. More importantly, you will get to build a network with the similar minded people so that you can keep abreast with the deals on the cars that you specifically wish to buy. You can know about the sales or the exhibitions through the magazines or online discussions.

While you do find it easier to come across your favourite roadster through the search engines, however, you will have to verify with great detail. Never place an online purchase. Visit the dealer or the owner personally. Get the classic car checked by the professional who knows it the best and then decide on buying. With these simple tricks, you can get hold of the masterpiece that you have been waiting for long.

1600 Duetto 1750 Spider – Alfa Romeo Parts Available For Restoration

The Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto/1750 Spider is known to be one of the greatest series in the convertible cars. Its entire line-up ensured that there was nothing like it in the generation of convertibles. Car lovers back then considered themselves to be lucky to have a Duetto and the owners now would do anything to restore it and turn it charming like its original condition. Fortunately, the parts that were difficult to access earlier are not available easily. They are no longer elusive and people can now restore their old charms back.


Some of the parts of the 1600 Duetto/1750 Spider – Alfa Romeo that you can access on the internet:


You can easily find the:

  1. Bearings Guides
  2. Cowls
  3. Pistons & Liners
  4. Radiators
  5. Valves
  6. Water and oil pumps
  7. 105 Plastic fans
  8. 1300 engine parts
  9. 1600 engine parts
  10. 1750 engine parts
  11. 2000 engines parts
  12. 2000 TS engine parts

More than that you will find all the engine components. It might be tough to find the new ones for all the obvious reasons, but you will find the used ones in better condition. Be it the part for an overhaul, flywheel ring gears or the head removal tool, you will do not have to worry anymore. Any part that is required for cooling the fuel or heating the air is easily accessible on the online stores.

Service and Clutch:

When it comes to service parts or even the clutch ones   , you will find parts like:

  • Clutch Parts
  • Clutch cables
  • Early spring clutches
  • Later hydraulic clutches
  • Filters
  • Ignition components
  • Spark plugs

Gear Box:

Many people find it tough to find the right parts to fit in their 1600 Duetto/1750 Spider – Alfa Romeo. However, there are several sites that will offer you:

  • Sychro rings
  • Reverse gears
  • 2nd gears
  • Rubber boots
  • Seals
  • See Gearbox Mounts
  • Prop shaft and Rear Axle


  • Arms
  • Badge
  • Bushes
  • Ball joints
  • Dampers
  • Front suspension lower ball joints
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Idlers
  • Rods
  • Springs
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering parts rod
  • Pans with aluminum and rubber spacers

You will have to look for the authorized sellers who stock even the rarest of the parts. For instance, the red code rear springs that help the user with an improved ride will be available at the online dealer. Get all the suspension parts that you are looking for online.


They are the trickiest ones to get hold of. However, you will find quite few that replicate the original ones. If you are lucky, you will even find the original ones that are used. So, if you engage in good research you will find – Replica Momo Vega Alloy Wheels or the Body and Trim.

In the end, you will have to be extremely cautious about the source you choose to buy. Choosing the right one will ensure that you invested your money on rebuilding the convertible of your dreams!

Finding the 2000/2600 Spider

There are ample lovers of convertible cars who are waiting to get hold over the rare 2000/2600 Spider ALFA ROMEO. It is a very opportunity to come across a reliable portal or a decent dealer who offers you a great deal. The Alfa 2600 is a successor of Alfa Romeo’s 6-cylinder flagship that was manufactured in the early 60’s. Introduced at the Geneva Motor Show as a sedan, this 2-plus-2 convertible stole the show.

In the recent times, the 2000/2600 Spider ALFA ROMEO, as well as the Sprint, is well admired by the convertible enthusiasts. It was its opulent styling and tasteful interiors that make this car stand out as a rare beauty. The 2600 model is considered to be rare amongst its contemporary Alfa Romeo models that were successful back then.

Here are some resourceful tips for the people who intend to buy the 2000/2600 Spider



One close look at the vintage cars and you can make up your mind whether you should buy the car or not. If you come across any dealer who claims to offer you an original 2600 Spider Alfa Romeo, you should go for the part. It must be quite astonishing to know how the owners of this rare model must have worked hard in restoring and maintaining the classic. More so because the parts are not only difficult to find but are extremely expensive. You will find very few 2600 sedans that were owned by a single person all through his life.


The next thing you need to check on is the working condition of the 2600 Spider Alfa Romeo. Do not just settle for the externals of the car but check for the internals as well. You might come across ample cars that are available in decent condition. Since there were around 2,255 models manufactured, it is rare when you come across one. Hence, make sure you check on the model thoroughly before paying for it.


You certainly cannot miss out on this part. Just like buying any car or second-hand automobile, you will have to follow the same procedures. Make sure all the documents are in its perfect place before confirming on to buy the vintage beauty. The dealer should assist you in not just finding the rare classic Alfa that you always dreamt of but also help you with the procedure. Feel free to clarify your doubts rather than committing to pay and repenting later.

Expert Opinion:

There is always help available only if you are willing to take one. With the technology at your disposal, you can easily get an expert opinion on buying the 2000/2600 Alfa Romeo. Learn as much as you can about the procedures that are necessary for the vintage cars. You can join the online discussion forums wherein you can shoot your queries and all the classic convertible lovers will guide you. Or you can mail your doubts to the automobile experts and they will surely help you.