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1600 Duetto 1750 Spider – Alfa Romeo Parts Available For Restoration

The Alfa Romeo 1600 Duetto/1750 Spider is known to be one of the greatest series in the convertible cars. Its entire line-up ensured that there was nothing like it in the generation of convertibles. Car lovers back then considered themselves to be lucky to have a Duetto and the owners now would do anything to restore it and turn it charming like its original condition. Fortunately, the parts that were difficult to access earlier are not available easily. They are no longer elusive and people can now restore their old charms back.


Some of the parts of the 1600 Duetto/1750 Spider – Alfa Romeo that you can access on the internet:


You can easily find the:

  1. Bearings Guides
  2. Cowls
  3. Pistons & Liners
  4. Radiators
  5. Valves
  6. Water and oil pumps
  7. 105 Plastic fans
  8. 1300 engine parts
  9. 1600 engine parts
  10. 1750 engine parts
  11. 2000 engines parts
  12. 2000 TS engine parts

More than that you will find all the engine components. It might be tough to find the new ones for all the obvious reasons, but you will find the used ones in better condition. Be it the part for an overhaul, flywheel ring gears or the head removal tool, you will do not have to worry anymore. Any part that is required for cooling the fuel or heating the air is easily accessible on the online stores.

Service and Clutch:

When it comes to service parts or even the clutch ones   , you will find parts like:

  • Clutch Parts
  • Clutch cables
  • Early spring clutches
  • Later hydraulic clutches
  • Filters
  • Ignition components
  • Spark plugs

Gear Box:

Many people find it tough to find the right parts to fit in their 1600 Duetto/1750 Spider – Alfa Romeo. However, there are several sites that will offer you:

  • Sychro rings
  • Reverse gears
  • 2nd gears
  • Rubber boots
  • Seals
  • See Gearbox Mounts
  • Prop shaft and Rear Axle


  • Arms
  • Badge
  • Bushes
  • Ball joints
  • Dampers
  • Front suspension lower ball joints
  • Fuel Tanks
  • Idlers
  • Rods
  • Springs
  • Steering wheel
  • Steering parts rod
  • Pans with aluminum and rubber spacers

You will have to look for the authorized sellers who stock even the rarest of the parts. For instance, the red code rear springs that help the user with an improved ride will be available at the online dealer. Get all the suspension parts that you are looking for online.


They are the trickiest ones to get hold of. However, you will find quite few that replicate the original ones. If you are lucky, you will even find the original ones that are used. So, if you engage in good research you will find – Replica Momo Vega Alloy Wheels or the Body and Trim.

In the end, you will have to be extremely cautious about the source you choose to buy. Choosing the right one will ensure that you invested your money on rebuilding the convertible of your dreams!

Finding the 2000/2600 Spider

There are ample lovers of convertible cars who are waiting to get hold over the rare 2000/2600 Spider ALFA ROMEO. It is a very opportunity to come across a reliable portal or a decent dealer who offers you a great deal. The Alfa 2600 is a successor of Alfa Romeo’s 6-cylinder flagship that was manufactured in the early 60’s. Introduced at the Geneva Motor Show as a sedan, this 2-plus-2 convertible stole the show.

In the recent times, the 2000/2600 Spider ALFA ROMEO, as well as the Sprint, is well admired by the convertible enthusiasts. It was its opulent styling and tasteful interiors that make this car stand out as a rare beauty. The 2600 model is considered to be rare amongst its contemporary Alfa Romeo models that were successful back then.

Here are some resourceful tips for the people who intend to buy the 2000/2600 Spider



One close look at the vintage cars and you can make up your mind whether you should buy the car or not. If you come across any dealer who claims to offer you an original 2600 Spider Alfa Romeo, you should go for the part. It must be quite astonishing to know how the owners of this rare model must have worked hard in restoring and maintaining the classic. More so because the parts are not only difficult to find but are extremely expensive. You will find very few 2600 sedans that were owned by a single person all through his life.


The next thing you need to check on is the working condition of the 2600 Spider Alfa Romeo. Do not just settle for the externals of the car but check for the internals as well. You might come across ample cars that are available in decent condition. Since there were around 2,255 models manufactured, it is rare when you come across one. Hence, make sure you check on the model thoroughly before paying for it.


You certainly cannot miss out on this part. Just like buying any car or second-hand automobile, you will have to follow the same procedures. Make sure all the documents are in its perfect place before confirming on to buy the vintage beauty. The dealer should assist you in not just finding the rare classic Alfa that you always dreamt of but also help you with the procedure. Feel free to clarify your doubts rather than committing to pay and repenting later.

Expert Opinion:

There is always help available only if you are willing to take one. With the technology at your disposal, you can easily get an expert opinion on buying the 2000/2600 Alfa Romeo. Learn as much as you can about the procedures that are necessary for the vintage cars. You can join the online discussion forums wherein you can shoot your queries and all the classic convertible lovers will guide you. Or you can mail your doubts to the automobile experts and they will surely help you.

How much do you know about the Alfa Romeo Spider 1750/2000

Among the famous convertible cars, both Spider 1750 and 2000 belonged to the 105 series. They were the executive cars manufactured by an Italian named Alfa Romeo. Berlina 1750 came with 1.8 liters, twin cam inline-four engines and built between 1968 and 1977. Later on, it phased out for the improved Berlina 2000 with 2.0 liters, twin cam inline-four engines.


The Spider 1750 Alfa Romeo:

The 1750 Berlina’s design was heavily drawn from the existing Giulia saloon. Alfa Romeo expected it to be in the top saloon range as this one was ranged above 1300 cc and 1600 cc versions of Giulia. Soon, the Spider 1750 – Alfa Romeo replaced the Giulia.

There was immense bodywork that went into the Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 . It had a bigger body shell with a longer wheelbase and bigger engine for tough roads. The external panels were revised. However, several of its internal parts were concurrent with different Alfa Romeo models. If you look at the windscreen of Spider 1750/200 then was similar to the Giulia. No matter how much it resembled the Giulia, it did have significant changes and lot of trimmed details. Interestingly, in the beginning of its production only fewer units were sold.

The 1750 bodyshell had a longer wheelbase than the Giulia, and revised external panels, but it shared many of the same internal panels. The windscreen was also the same. The revisions were carried out by Bertone, and while it resembled the Giulia some of that vehicle’s distinctive creases were smoothed out, and there were significant changes to the trim details.

This roadster had a hydraulic clutch, 2 twin side draught carburetors, and 1779 cc twin-carb engine. Its 1.8 liters engine gave it a monstrous speed of 116 hp. In order to cater to the US market, the 1750 Spider was fitted with the SPICA fuel injection.

The Spider 2000 Alfa Romeo:

The production of Alfa Romeo Spider 2000  picked up between 1971 and 1977. It had engine and board similar to the Spider 1750 but a little spiked up. It stroked out to almost 1962 cc. The external lights varied among the different 2000 models. Additionally, it had a 5¾-inch diameter in all the four positions of its outboard headlights. The design for the taillights was relatively simpler.

Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 had 2 carburetors and a 2 liters twin cam engine to produce a whopping speed of 130 hp. This convertible was celebrated for its 200 km/h speed with an acceleration pickup of just 9 seconds. The model designed for the USA had mechanical fuel injection.

Both the Spider 1750/2000Alfa Romeo were in their individual capacities one of the popular roadsters. Every element in each of the cars was carefully planned and details were taken care of during the execution. It was like the manufacturer did not build some ordinary convertibles but masterpieces.

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Options in Giulietta Spider – Alfa Romeo

True Alfa Romeo lovers would know that Giulietta Spider – Alfa Romeo comes in variations. While each one is a collectible, there are so many to pick from. By now you must be wondering, what have you been missing? You read it right, there are more than 30 convertible cars to choose from in this category. Here is all the information about the variations in Alfa Romeo.

Giulietta Spider

1957 Alfa Romeo:

This pretty little car looks like it has stepped out of a historic rally. Manufactured in the year 1957, this coupe has its interiors revived and restored to an extent so that it does not lose its classic charm. It was the company’s first hand at monocoque design. It had 1900-cc inline four engine which produced power like the engines in racer cars would produce. Later on, it was downsized to the 1290-cc engine that generated 80bhp.

1958 Giulietta Spider – Alfa Romeo:

This convertible roadster is available in variations. It displayed excellence in terms of design and the speed. Right from the upholstery to the engine, every little detail of this car was perfectly worked. This Spider came with an up-rated engine with healthy carburettors. It had a brake horsepower of 90, which is 10 times more than the regular engine. The Alfa Romeo 1985 is known among all the roadsters as the best performing coupe.

1959 Alfa Romeo:

The 1959 Alfa Romeo came in limited 101pieces only. It came with nice detailing to the interiors. One look at the convertible and you can easily make out that it is a pure beauty crafted by a genius. When it comes to engine and performance, it lives up to the name of the Giulietta Spider Alfa Romeo. It purely belongs in the category of the legendary cars that many people covet.

1960 Giulietta Spider:

There can be no pretty convertible like this Giulietta Spider – Alfa Romeo. Its exterior begins with a flawless design and ends with a two-tone cabin in the interior. This car runs smoothly if the oil pressure and the temperature are good. It is light, and changing gears is smooth, easy and fun. Only few selected stores are known to deck this rare beauty.

1961 Version of Alfa Romeo:

It is rare to find this piece in its original make. Some have be repainted to revive the masterpiece. While some needed technical revisions. This two seater was once upon time every riders dreams. The exterior of this coupe has fine lines as it followed after so many Alfa Romeos.

The 1962 and 1963 versions of the Giulietta Spider were equally popular as their ancestors. It was the dynamic exteriors that came with a highly stylized body, comfortable and ergonomic interiors with highly efficient mechanics, that made each convertible special and coveted. You will find these coupes on sale. Each one of them is a fun to drive and will certainly be an amazing addition to your garage collection.


Story of the Giulia Spider

Alfa Romeo’s small venture into the automobile industry began with the roadster Alfa Romeo Spider. It became so popular that this model stayed in the industry for almost 3 decades. Known for its Spider design, it aimed to be a concept car.


The first Spider was launched in the March 1966, in the Geneva Motor Show. The history behind the naming of the car is interesting. Alfa Romeo organized a competition for people to come up with the names for which the prize was the car. Duetto meaning Duet, suggested by Guidobaldo Trionfi won this competition. However, the name was not adopted because of the trademark issues. Hence, it was simply named Alfa Romeo Spider.

Giulia Spider-ALFA ROMEO and its variants:

alfa romeo giulia spider

This model is popular for its rust free body. It enjoyed immense success with its 750/101 Series which were more of the Coupes and Sedans. However, at the beginning the firm lacked the precise ambition in coming up with gorgeous designs with the mechanism of a sporty cars. Along with that it did not know how to keep the prices down of the car.

Cars for All:

alfa spider convertible

The major problem that the manufacturers witnessed further was post to the World War II. Keeping these exotic sports cars afloat was becoming increasingly impossible. This is when Alfa Romeo decided to build high quality saloon and sports cars for the masses. These cars were not luxury for the middle class workers. They were full of the sporting spirit with a package that every hardworking employee can afford.


105 Series:

Following the same design, the 105 Series was launched in 1963.

105 Series

These cars came with beautifully designed body with boxy and upright structure. Moreover, it was highly appreciated as it was aerodynamic and efficient. So, the coupe rode had detailed Bertone coachwork on it. What was the real joy in all the models were the by Alfa Romeo’s powered twin-cam, light-alloy four-cylinder engines. They ranged around 1290cc to 1962cc.

Not-so-popular Convertible:


Not many people are aware about the lesser known convertible. It was built on the similar lines of Bertone Coupe and featured a fully folding top with seating for 4 passengers. The Giulia GTC on the other hand was on the similar lines of Bertone. There was extensive reinforcement on its rockers floors as well as the trunk so that they become more stable and sturdy. So, if you carefully research about convertibles by Alfa Romeo around 1964 to 1966, you will find rare and interesting versions of 105-series.

When one talks about sporty convertibles with power, twin cam, 4-cylinder, 1600cc and fantastic 5-speed gearbox, he would not forget to mention Romeo’s convertibles. A car that was no less than a legend. Amazing exteriors, intelligent interiors and timely restorations as per the need is what made Romeo and his collection most loved.