Making of Alvis TA14 Drophead Coupe’

Alvis recommended the production of his convertible cars after World War II. However, the cars that he created had several alterations. It was in 1938 that the first TA14 Drophead Coupe – Alvis was introduced. The most apparent difference that every convertible fan noticed was the steel disc wheels instead of the wires. However, there were several other ambitious attempts that Alvis made.

TA14 Drophead Coupe’ – Alvis
TA14 Drophead Coupe’ – Alvis


The TA14 had a simple and separate chassis design, which was powered by a four-cylinder engine of about 1,892cc with an overhead-valve. Used in heavy duty trucks, it had a beam axle front suspension making it space efficient as well as cuts down the cost of production. Mechanical brakes offered an efficient solution as compared to the modern day hydraulic brakes. This innovative model came with a gearbox and it was a synchromesh four-speeder.

With already 65bhp available in the market, the TA14 had an all impressive 75mph. There were 3 body styles that Alvis thought of:

  1. i) sports saloon
  2. ii) drophead coupés – Carbodies

iii) drophead coupés Tickford

New Version:

Alvis came up with an attractive car in 1946. Known for its exuberant performance and sure-footedness it strutted on the road like an elite piece. It was known for its impeccable refinement that made even the critics go all praises. This beauty steered smoothly and made the person behind the wheels in total control. Every person who owned felt perfect on the road.

It was the suspension that made this car comfortable and easy to control. However, it was the engine that ran smooth and quietly. This car came with excellent tractability and brilliantly well-spaced gear ratios. Not to mention the brakes that kept its high standards. All in all, this car received appreciation for putting in a high level of excellence and setting a high benchmark for the convertibles.

Vendor Advice:

The Tickford-bodied TA14 drophead coupé was bought about 19 years back for restoration. This car was then stripped down. After working on its engine, it was then repainted. Soon, this car was pushed into storage for about 17 years. The vendor got this beauty out and restored to usable condition.

This car appealed to the mid-sized luxury car seekers as well as executive car sized. It came in 4-door sedan and was manufactured up to 1950.

In 1950, Alvis introduced a new chassis along with a 3.0-liter inline-six. It was picked up by later stylish models especially the TA21 saloon. Many coachbuilders that Alvis used could not survive the war, which included Mulliners. Later the Tickford – TC21 dropheads models were acquired by Aston Martin and Standard-Triumph.

Alvis collaborated with Hermann Graber from Switzerland to develop customized Alvis chassis. It was catered only to the wealthy Swiss class in the early 50’s. This is how the Alvis TA14 Drophead coupe paved a way for TD21.

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