L/M-Allard M1

Amazing Journey of L/M Allard M1 Convertible!

When there was a rage for convertible cars with the engine of sports cars, Englishman Sydney Allard decided to create innovative machines that were made from low-cost Ford hardware. He launched his first car in 1934 Tourist Trophy. It was a four seater Ford. Allard had shortened its wheelbase. Being an expert in convertibles, he fitted the bodywork of the car with an old Grand Prix Bugatti.

L/M-Allard M1

Dramatic Entry:

Initially,Allard kept the few cars he made for himself. Soon he opened the gates and started selling them to the car enthusiasts in 1946. Around 1947, he launched M1 Drophead Coupe after the war. This model had a substantial amount of work done on its body. With the full length doors and a smart folding convertible top, it mesmerized all the car lovers.

The Bodywork:

L:M-Allard M1 bodywork

Allard models were known to round off the civilized M1 as they came with comfortable seating for four. It had elaborate trim than the regular models that were more competition oriented. Other cars couldn’t match its design that could easily accommodate 3.6-liter Ford V-8. The gears were impressive as they were selected from the column shifter that Allard had procured from the England’s V-8 Pilot Ford model.



It is needless to say that the M1 was successful. Allard had produced around 500 such models in a short span of 4 years. This encouraged Allard to move swiftly towards designing bolder convertibles for public. Soon, he came up with strong and aggressive models like the J2, J2X, J2R and K1. However, the fact always remained that M1 was always been the Allard’s cornerstone model. It contributed to about 25% of total production out of the 1900 cars (approximately) that were operated in those years.

Recent Purchase:

L-M-Allard M1 engine

The classic Allard M1 model was bought in September 2006. It had black finish that teamed up with its top and upholstery. This model had Smiths instruments and the most classic and un-restored steering wheel of Bluemels “Brooklands”. To add further, it had “flathead” Ford V-8 engine that drove the car lovers crazy.

Thinking that someone might have just fooled the buyer? Well, no! This model was accompanied with all the documents specific to it. There was an original document of the Engineer’s Instruction card that was issued by Adlards Motors, Ltd. Additionally, it had inspection report.

L:M-Allard M1 convertible

In true sense the owner has a fascinating early postwar sporting convertible car which is true example of Anglo-American ingenuity.

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