Allard K3 Roadster

Little Known Facts about K3 Allard!

Carroll Shelby celebrated creating a lightweight British roadster from American V8 and making the famous AC Cobra. It was this car that turned out to be the most popular and stand out amongst all the convertible cars that the 20th century got to witness. However, there was an unknown and unseen contribution of the K3-Allards. Much before the first Cobra was built around 1962; Carroll already had an Allard K3 Roadster.

Allard’s Background:

The impact that this car had on Carroll was undeniable. It is sad that the interesting history of K3 Allard is lost. However, it had such a lasting effect that it transformed the entire game for the convertibles. Sydney Allard established the Allard Motor Company Ltd in 1945. He was pure creative genius and an honest racer with visionary engineering instincts. This is why you will find that they came up with interesting vehicles that took any of the first three slots in major events and races.

Export and Transformation:

The Allard K3 was the model based on the original K1 and K2. It was initially a British chassis which was exported to USA. The owner then fitted engine of his own preference in it. If you look at them, majority of them come fitted with the Cadillac engines. However, there were around 57 cars which were fitted with Chrysler Hemi V8 for better performance.

The Body and Engine:

Allard K3 Roadster

The K3 Allard was lightweight as it had an alloy body, which coupled with a swing axle at the front. This axle was a semi-independent. Apart from that it had de Dion-type rear axle suspension for an exceptional handling grip and strength to the driver. Furthermore, it had the Hemi V8 with the dual 4-barrel carburetors.

Allard K3 Roadster Engine

The engine was mated to a 4-speed manual transmission. Allard K3 owes its unique look and overall performance to all of these little creative transformations.

Allard K3 Roadster interior

The Bygone Era:

Allard K3 was built around 1952 to 1956. The process and the period were painstaking as the beauty was crafted with hands. This is why buyers often found some variation in each of the models that were released in different years. Sydney Allard could not match the standards with the British car makers, which is why he could produce only 62 units of convertibles.

Current Pricing:

Surprisingly the Allard K3s would not cost anywhere near to the AC Cobra convertibles that have been ruling the scene. If you intend to buy the K3, it would be around $100,000 to $150,000 and not more than that. However, such classic convertibles are sold through auctions and this fluctuate the prices.

Where to find?

You can register yourself at various online auctions to know about all the classic convertibles up for sale. There are several convertible collectors who stock up such cars and put up for sale.pportunities to hunt for the right car dealers online and grab the car of your dream!

Opportunities to hunt for the right car dealers online and grab the car of your dream!

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