How much do you know about the Alfa Romeo Spider 1750/2000

Among the famous convertible cars, both Spider 1750 and 2000 belonged to the 105 series. They were the executive cars manufactured by an Italian named Alfa Romeo. Berlina 1750 came with 1.8 liters, twin cam inline-four engines and built between 1968 and 1977. Later on, it phased out for the improved Berlina 2000 with 2.0 liters, twin cam inline-four engines.


The Spider 1750 Alfa Romeo:

The 1750 Berlina’s design was heavily drawn from the existing Giulia saloon. Alfa Romeo expected it to be in the top saloon range as this one was ranged above 1300 cc and 1600 cc versions of Giulia. Soon, the Spider 1750 – Alfa Romeo replaced the Giulia.

There was immense bodywork that went into the Alfa Romeo Spider 1750 . It had a bigger body shell with a longer wheelbase and bigger engine for tough roads. The external panels were revised. However, several of its internal parts were concurrent with different Alfa Romeo models. If you look at the windscreen of Spider 1750/200 then was similar to the Giulia. No matter how much it resembled the Giulia, it did have significant changes and lot of trimmed details. Interestingly, in the beginning of its production only fewer units were sold.

The 1750 bodyshell had a longer wheelbase than the Giulia, and revised external panels, but it shared many of the same internal panels. The windscreen was also the same. The revisions were carried out by Bertone, and while it resembled the Giulia some of that vehicle’s distinctive creases were smoothed out, and there were significant changes to the trim details.

This roadster had a hydraulic clutch, 2 twin side draught carburetors, and 1779 cc twin-carb engine. Its 1.8 liters engine gave it a monstrous speed of 116 hp. In order to cater to the US market, the 1750 Spider was fitted with the SPICA fuel injection.

The Spider 2000 Alfa Romeo:

The production of Alfa Romeo Spider 2000  picked up between 1971 and 1977. It had engine and board similar to the Spider 1750 but a little spiked up. It stroked out to almost 1962 cc. The external lights varied among the different 2000 models. Additionally, it had a 5¾-inch diameter in all the four positions of its outboard headlights. The design for the taillights was relatively simpler.

Alfa Romeo Spider 2000 had 2 carburetors and a 2 liters twin cam engine to produce a whopping speed of 130 hp. This convertible was celebrated for its 200 km/h speed with an acceleration pickup of just 9 seconds. The model designed for the USA had mechanical fuel injection.

Both the Spider 1750/2000Alfa Romeo were in their individual capacities one of the popular roadsters. Every element in each of the cars was carefully planned and details were taken care of during the execution. It was like the manufacturer did not build some ordinary convertibles but masterpieces.

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