Giulietta Spider

Options in Giulietta Spider – Alfa Romeo

True Alfa Romeo lovers would know that Giulietta Spider – Alfa Romeo comes in variations. While each one is a collectible, there are so many to pick from. By now you must be wondering, what have you been missing? You read it right, there are more than 30 convertible cars to choose from in this category. Here is all the information about the variations in Alfa Romeo.

Giulietta Spider

1957 Alfa Romeo:

This pretty little car looks like it has stepped out of a historic rally. Manufactured in the year 1957, this coupe has its interiors revived and restored to an extent so that it does not lose its classic charm. It was the company’s first hand at monocoque design. It had 1900-cc inline four engine which produced power like the engines in racer cars would produce. Later on, it was downsized to the 1290-cc engine that generated 80bhp.

1958 Giulietta Spider – Alfa Romeo:

This convertible roadster is available in variations. It displayed excellence in terms of design and the speed. Right from the upholstery to the engine, every little detail of this car was perfectly worked. This Spider came with an up-rated engine with healthy carburettors. It had a brake horsepower of 90, which is 10 times more than the regular engine. The Alfa Romeo 1985 is known among all the roadsters as the best performing coupe.

1959 Alfa Romeo:

The 1959 Alfa Romeo came in limited 101pieces only. It came with nice detailing to the interiors. One look at the convertible and you can easily make out that it is a pure beauty crafted by a genius. When it comes to engine and performance, it lives up to the name of the Giulietta Spider Alfa Romeo. It purely belongs in the category of the legendary cars that many people covet.

1960 Giulietta Spider:

There can be no pretty convertible like this Giulietta Spider – Alfa Romeo. Its exterior begins with a flawless design and ends with a two-tone cabin in the interior. This car runs smoothly if the oil pressure and the temperature are good. It is light, and changing gears is smooth, easy and fun. Only few selected stores are known to deck this rare beauty.

1961 Version of Alfa Romeo:

It is rare to find this piece in its original make. Some have be repainted to revive the masterpiece. While some needed technical revisions. This two seater was once upon time every riders dreams. The exterior of this coupe has fine lines as it followed after so many Alfa Romeos.

The 1962 and 1963 versions of the Giulietta Spider were equally popular as their ancestors. It was the dynamic exteriors that came with a highly stylized body, comfortable and ergonomic interiors with highly efficient mechanics, that made each convertible special and coveted. You will find these coupes on sale. Each one of them is a fun to drive and will certainly be an amazing addition to your garage collection.


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