Fiat 750 abarth convertible

For the lovers of Fiat 750 Zagato – Abarth 2!

Every car lover would know the way Fiat 750 Zagato – Abarth 2 was a collaborative efforts of Abartha and Fiat. This car model has built a name and repute for itself in way back in the year 1956. Soon it branched out and was used for different categories of motor sport. It had the body and floorpan that of a Fiat 600, but the mechanical genius Abarth fitted his modified engines. The proto types of this automobile used high comprehension head and the exhaust that gave it a speed to beat majority of its competitors.

First Appearance:

Fiat 750 abarth convertible

Fiat 750 Zagato – Abarth 2 first appeared in the Geneva Motor Show which gave it a good exposure and soon began its full fledged production. Its final design had a double bubble rood, twin bumprettes and twin intakes on the engine cover at the rear side. This model exemplified lightweight which was critically appreciated.

Different Versions:

Fiat 750 Zagato – Abarth engine sport

After the success of the prototype, the Fiat 750 Zagato – Abarth 2 kicked off pretty well in the market. In fact Fiat issued several versions of it. The Fiat with chassis number 222623 was the first one to hit the domestic Italian roads. Since there are

The other derivative was Fiat-Abarth 850 which was taken for national competitions. With the speed of 154km/h (which is almost 96mph), it was one of the best creation of Abarth. Impressed by its built the people demanded this model and it was further developed to suit the comfort of the users.

There were several other models on the lines of Fiat 750 Zagato like Abarth 700, 850 Allemano, 850 TC Berlina etc. They all owe their emergence and success to 750 Zagato.

Specialty of Fiat 750 Zagato:

Fiat 750 Zagato – Abarth interior

Originally this model had single cam engine. It had a slightly changed version named ‘America’ which was luxurious to suit the users of United States. For the Italian markets they came up with a model that had uncovered headlamps and taillights that were smaller than the original one.

Every little detail was important when the Fait 750 Zagato was made. For instance if you look at its ‘America’, you will find a slightly different layout for its rear license plate. The double bubble design was a rage which was actually meant to accommodate the 43 CV (32kW) engine. So, it was only the floorpan of the Fiat 600 that was actually utilized in making this moeld.

Agarth was always concerned with the innovation of the design and engines of the car. This is precisely why he must have set out to introduce the variants of the 750 Zagato. The most interesting version was that of soft-top or the Spider version. Several car experts claim that there were around 4 cars of very unique type were constructed. They were exhibited at the Turin Auto Show in 1957.

You might come across several online dealer sites that claim to sell the Convertible Cars model of 750 Zagato. Since the model is very rare, it can be very expensive and you need to be discreet.

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