From Old To New Fiat 124 Rally Spider – Abarth

Wondering which roadster among the convertible cars can you pick up for yourself? People these days are often comparing between the Mazda MX-5 Miata and its counterpart the Fiat 124 Rally Spider.  Tuned by an Italian automaker, it stands out to be a spectacular demonstration of how perfection in performance manifests with great vision amongst the convertible cars.


Specs for the European Model:


Inspired from the famous Fiat Model, this Abarth version actually takes a lot from Mazda. The version which comes with a Scorpion emblem has a lot of upgrades in terms of performance. However, it attempts to load the old look by stripping around 100 pounds so that it comes out feathery.


You will come across a 1.4-litre turbo four under its hood. It produces an 184-pound feet torque. Abarth offers a prodigious 170 horsepower. You get to choose between an automatic transmission and a 6-speed manual. The suspension is hardened and it can be adjusted in four ways. However, when it comes to its performance and other components, you will not find much of a difference.


Fiat 124 Rally Spider comes with an electrically assisted steering. It has a proper mechanical limited-slip as compared to the open rear diff assists it to distribute the torque application in the corners. Also, there is a sports button. It has a smaller diameter with better grip as compared to the other convertibles. The delightful story of the Fiat 124 Rally Spider doesn’t end here. The engineer decided to offer an interesting appearance to it.

The Look:

The vents are larger; there is a full aero kit, a black hood so that the glare could be easily curbed. It comes with a bootlid replicated in a matt texture that gives this convertible a smarter and professional look. With 17-inch alloys, short gear lever and aluminum pedals, you will be simply amazed at the look of this car in totality.

Modern Appeal:

There is a lot of sense and vision in engineering this convertible. It carries the sporty cabin of the original 124 Spider but is available in different colors. There are leather seats for ergonomic seating and a plush look on the inside. Metal pedals beneath the dashboard simply accentuate the look of this wonder named Fiat 124 Rally Spider.

All in all, the Fiat 124 Rally Spider, is Fiat’s efforts to take on the retro effect. In the 196’s the original 124 Spider did really enjoy a wide success.

Fiat 124 Rally Spider Abarth

It lasted for almost a decade with its loyal followers and fans. Taking a cue from its styling, the Abarth does a pretty good job in restructuring the old model to fit into the new generation.

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