Ace-RS 2.6

The Grande Beauty – Ace RS 2.6 AC!!!

Ace RS 2.6-AC was a big name in sports car because of its immense performance. To top it all, it was one of the best convertible cars for touring. Around the 60’s it was a great hit as it came with a sleek and sturdy body. Initially introduced in the year 1953, Ace was a reworked version of the ‘LOY 500’. Designed handsomely by John Tojeiro this sports racer had six wins.

Ace-RS 2.6


Deeply attracted by the collaboration, John Tojeiro agreed to work with Thames Ditton. £5 per car was decided as the royalty fee. Tojeiro made sure that this new model has a ladder framed chassis. It offered the handling prowess equivalent to that of a sports car. This model came with an independent transverse-leaf suspension.

In the beginning the Ace RS 2.6-AC had 1991cc OHC engine. It was only after 1956 it had straight-six 1971cc unit. This pumped up the aluminum bodied car the boost of a sports car. Interestingly, people liked this change and the sales saw a hike.

The only thing that majority of the critics complained about was its aluminum body. It was said that a small bump into anything and the convertible can easily dent. However, when it came to repairs, the damage could be easily covered up. Since there were not many box sections that other convertibles at that period had, this convertible was becoming a favorite.

Competition from Bristol:

John Tojeiro Classic

Around 1961 Bristol announced that it would begin with its independent production. This is when the AC car felt the dilemma. Soon an owner of a competition specialist known as the ‘Ruddspeed’, convinced Thames Ditton to adopt the power-plant of Ford’s Zephyr MKII. The ‘oversquare’ dimensions and individual water jacket for each cylinder made it the most durable and free revving convertible. It was certainly shallower than the Bristol predecessor but its Ford engine allowed it to have better grille aperture and the front wings.

The greatest metamorphosis for Ace RS 2.6-AC was that its steering box was repositioned and the chassis was strengthened. It also had considerably minimal effect on its two-seater’s weight. Around 25 of the convertibles including the prototype of the Ace 2.6 were built with the specification to the right hand drive. This witnessed a legendary success leading to around 1,000 cars built and sold.

One will still find the classic models in the auctions. You will be mesmerized with the charming body and the boisterous engine. Every mile that this pretty devil covers will give you a new thrill, a sense of adventure in what little drive you take. If at all, once in your life, you do get a chance to take a ride in it, do go ahead. And if you happen to be lucky buy one and put up a grand show of your love towards this classic beauty.

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